Jenks "Tex" Carman - Hillbilly Hula [Capitol 1952]

Submitted by "Albany" Al Tellone of Newark - a.k.a. Albee
Albee is an old, old friend of mine...we worked and met at the Danelectro Guitar Factory in 1969? or 1968. He was also [along with Big Danny Gallagher] the first road crew for Bruce Springsteen as well as adding sax to the Boss's 2nd LP.

Jenks Tex Carman was one of the more dubious but interesting talents ever to achieve stardom, however fleeting, in country music. A player of great dexterity but severely lacking in any sense of rhythm, and even more lacking in a voice, Carman succeeded on the basis of the sheer enthusiasm of his performances, achieving some respectable record sales and a national following based on his television appearances.

Carman's Capitol recording career lasted from April of 1951 until December of 1953, and despite some very uncomfortable moments in the studio, he generated some choice sides — "Hillbilly Hula" was his most famous and requested song.

Jenks "Tex" Carman was not in a league with the best steel or Hawaiian guitarists, and his vocal skills were even more limited. He was a master showman, however, and accomplished with sheer enthusiasm and reckless abandon what he couldn't do with technical skills or musical instincts.

Listen to this steel string twistin' party!!

Jenks "Tex" Carman Hillbilly Hula

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