Welcome to the home of The Dangerous R&R Show radio program....heard Friday evenings on http://www.homegrownradionj.com/ 7-8pm EST with a rebroadcast Saturdays 8-9am.
I did DRR Show on WNTI FM for 16 years renaming it The Soft Machine. Well the DRR Show is near and dear to my heart and I found myself almost saying 'Dangerous' instead of 'Soft'....you dig?.... So a change back was in order....I feel better.

The purpose of this blog is not to make money but to provide a forum for the sharing of records that have either been lost in time or perhaps never had their day in the sun. Enjoy yourself while your here and feel free to add your comments to each post.

I'll be posting 45 rpms, 78 rpms, & LP cuts from records in my collection. Occasional postings from friends and the ever entertaining BILKO BAYZBALL.

See the Broadcast Links below to download audio files via MediaFire and listen to The Soft Machine & The DRR Show at your convenience. Files will be .mp3