James Brown Meets a Giant

James Brown & Fabulous Flames - That Dood It [Federal 1957]

Check out this slab of 10" mayhem from the Godfather. One of the most untypical recordings of JB's early career. It's the comic tale of "a great big ole giant, my money, my honey, and me", cast in the similar mold of what Ray Charles was doing a couple of years previous.

As far as I know "That Dood It" was never released on 45rpm but only on 78rpm but it did appear on JB's first LP "Please Please Please" in 1959. It was included on ROOTS OF A REVOLUTION, a double cd of some of JB's early recordings which was released and is now Out Of Print.

JB's picks for singles releases were totally at odds with cigar smokin' Sid Nathan of King Records in Cincinnati....I would've loved to be a fly on the wall for this one.

James Brown & the Fabulous Flames That Dood It

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