Big Daddy & His Boys - Bacon Fat

Big Daddy & His Boys - Bacon Fat [King 1957]

The greasy, grindin' slab of 10" shellac was released in 1957 on Sid Nathans' King Records. Bacon Fat was originally done by Andre' Williams on Epic Records in 1956 and re-released on Fortune in 1957.

Big Daddy is really Big Bob Kornegay who also recorded as "The Happy Wanderer" - "Hocus Pocus Voodoo" on Herald Records, Big Bob the incredible "Your line was a busy" on Jaro Records, and Big Bee Kornegay - "The House of Frankenstein".

His first recordings were in 1951/'52 on Sittin' In With Records, NYC, afterwhich he took the bass chair in the Du-Droppers and later in The Ravens when Jimmy Ricks left to go solo.

The last anyone heard of The Big Man was in 1963 when he put out Wowsville, pts 1&2 on Stacy Records.

Download this slab of "Bacon Fat"...

Big Daddy & His Boys Bacon Fat

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